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I worked as a family portrait photographer at The Real Canadian Superstore throughout high school and college for over 5 years. It was my first job. Seeing hundreds of families come for their portrait session either monthly or yearly (Christmas Cards!!!!) made me realize how important it is to update our family photos.

When I pull out a box of photos (yes, we used to actually get photos PRINTED), most of them are always missing one family member (whoever was taking the photo) and or there’s a huge gap between the years. At one point we kind of just stopped documenting our family. We got older, my siblings moved away, parents started fleeing the cold winters for warmer temperatures, etc.

Ever since working at the RCSS I try and round up my sisters & parents every few years (the rare times we're all 5 of us together in the same city) to take new family portraits. It’s not easy, I’ll tell you that, but I really push for it because it’s important. We’re still changing, we look different at each session and it’s so fun to look back on.

This year, it just so happened we were gathered once again in the same city for my wedding reception here in Ottawa. We took the opportunity to grab Mat, drive up to our family cottage and snap a few photos by the lake. One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to actually PRINT some of these and not just keep them backed up on 2 hard drives…

Thank you Mathieu for capturing these very special family portraits for us!

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