Foggy weather, backyard weddings, intimate ceremony, emotional vows, live music, GREAT food and most importantly LOVE.

Just a few of our FAVOURITE things when it comes to photographing weddings… and Elio & Geoffrey’s wedding was all of those things!

Driving up to Manotick, Mat and I couldn’t stop saying how great the day was going to be. The overcast sky was going to give slightly darker photos with deep rich colours. Perfect for a fall wedding!

A lot of people think you need lots of sun and no clouds for pictures, but in reality, our ideal conditions for photos are overcast days. The clouds act as a giant diffuser and create softer light. There’s also something special about greenery just after a rain fall. The colours look so saturated and really POP.

Perfect backdrop for a wedding!

LOVE it when personal details are incorporated into the wardrobe!

Mr & Mr !

Chef Blackie from NeXT created the most delicious menu for E&G's wedding dinner

Officiant: Nathalie Joy Quesnel from All Seasons Wedding

Flowers and bouquets: handmade by the grooms Boutonnières and corsages: Mill St Florist Champagne reception catering : Take Another Bite Cake: Take Another Bite Reception: NeXT Suits: Indochino Ties: Eton Harry Rosen Socks: Simon’s

Men’s Grooming: Hair and Beard, The Foxhole Barber & Shop

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